You Have a Minute #6
Olivier Leroy £1,687.20

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Leaves falling

without a break. Do not rush

Do not rush so much

Haiku written by Shuson Kato (1905 - 1993)

You have a minute is about time; the time we spend, the time we don't take. How much time we lose looking ahead or back, forgetting to live in the present moment.
Having no time by doing nothing.

By reassembling uninterrupted individual moments in order to highlight the human being's perception of presence in time, the resulting image as a whole will capture the essence of motion. This essence that reveals the unfettered beauty or inconsistency and carelessness of the way in which humans use one of the few things that is given to us for nothing.

Thus, the combination of sixty moments from a minute in one single
image will offer us a compression of time. In order to, metaphorically speaking, give time back to those who don't take it any more. 

- Olivier Leroy


Limited edition Signed by artistArchival inks and paper


Edition Size : 5 (100cm x 140cm)  

Edition Size : 7 (70cm x 98cm)