Yambe Tam | Atonement

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150cm x 250cm
Bondage rope, steel, cast bronze, wood, polyurethane on Chemiwood Mokugyo, shredded letters

Yambe Tam (b. 1989, Indianapolis)

Yambe Tam is a transdisciplinary London-based artist, working across painting, sculpture, installation, and performance.

Her creative practice researches the evolution of consciousness through the lenses of cognitive science, theoretical physics, and Zen Buddhism. Using a combination of digital and traditional processes (e.g. lost-wax bronze casting, gilding, shibari bondage, CNC machining), she creates multi-sensory objects that combine ancient and contemporary aesthetics, and traverse the sacred and profane by merging religion and science, spiritual and physical experience.

Her work has been shown internationally with institutions such as Lumen Studios in London, the Creative Alliance of Baltimore, and the Jewish Museum of Belgium, and is held in corporate and private collections in the USA, UK, Europe, and East Asia. She has undertaken residencies in New York, Berlin, Barcelona, and most recently, Scotland.