Sea Point Swimmers
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"The iconic Sea Point Pool in Cape Town is a complex consisting of an Olympic-sized pool, two splash pools for children, and a fully equipped springboard diving pool. They are filtered sea water pools, and majestically overlook the Atlantic Ocean. It was built circa 1930.  

As a young university student, and for many years thereafter, I, together with a group of friends, was fortunate enough to spend the summer holidays in this idyllic setting. The Sea Point Pool, together with the Clifton beaches, were the setting of never ending days of sun and laughter. My involvement with photography was at this stage well established, and the Sea Point Pool was a magnet of great fascination."


On Sea Point Swimmers:

"I was in Cape Town on a commercial shoot. It was around 5:30 in the morning when I looked out of my hotel window and to my delight saw that the world was shrouded in mist.

I collected Benson (my assistant) and within half an hour we were ready to shoot Sea Point Swimmers.

It was an amazing moment. The sky was grey, the sea was grey, the pool was turquoise. It was drizzling slightly, and the only sounds were that of the waves breaking, the screams of the gulls, and the splashes of the arms of the swimmers beating through the water.

It was a unique moment. It felt like the beginning."


- Michael Meyersfeld

Read an interview with Michael Meyersfeld here.


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