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Sean Tseng | Space within Space


Edition: 15 + 2 AP

Size: 30cm x 40cm 

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Artist Statement

Sean’s practice is rooted in his direct encounters with nature and observations on subtle elements found in natural surroundings, drawing attention to the engagement of phenomenology through bodily experience to explore contemporary landscape narratives. He often creates a space for installation works, or an inner space for photographic works, by combining industrialised materials (such as concrete, acrylic, and metal) with natural elements to create a sense of harmony and gentleness inspired by his bodily experiences in nature. This expression not only reflects a re-examination of the relation between nature and human beings, but also implies the decentralisation of the human race through the process of perceiving his work by embracing the enchanting beauty between the minuscule and the cosmic.


This image, an exploration into the notion of “Align”, is composed by materials and objects that I often use in my sculpture. I brought plenty of materials together and tried to recreate a scenery similar to natural surroundings as a personal response to landscape. Placing three dimensional objects into a photography studio, I investigate the relationship between objects, forms, colours and materials in a two dimensional medium. In addition, I examine the interaction between what we see from the surface of an image and what an image can lead us to with our perception and imagination as its content.


Sean Tseng (b. 1995 in Taipei) works in Taipei and London. He primarily works with installation and photography, exploring notions of rhythm from both industrialised materials and natural elements. He is currently researching the dynamics and beauty of attraction between different forms in nature where subtleties lurk and encounters await.

His work has been exhibited in Taiwan, Spain, the United Kingdom, and China in recent years. He has participated in residencies at La Wayaka Current: Desert 23°S (Atacama, Chile) and Cerrado Ecoarte (Brasilia, Brazil). He has been awarded grants for Next Art Tainan 2020, the S-An Cultural Foundation Grants in 2019, and National Culture and Arts Foundation Grants for his project Air, Sunshine, Breeze- the Poetics of Body and Perception (2019-2020) and his previous research in the Atacama Desert. He studied MA Sculpture at the Royal College of Art, London.


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