Shinjuku, Tokyo I Gabriel Kenny-Ryder
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School of Fine Art, Contemporary Art Practice, Public Sphere

Gabriel Kenny-Ryder is a self-taught photographer whose experimentation is driven solely by his desire to explore the medium of photography. For the past few years his work has been divided between portraiture and landscape, with each element informing the other. His passion is not with digital photography, but with “slower” forms, including 19th century techniques such as the wet collodion process, or medium format film photography (such as with the image exhibited here). His practice re-establishes a relationship between craft and image-making, and creates photographs that document the artist’s involvement rather than disguise it.


On "Shinjuku, Tokyo"

“This work is from a series of photographs taken in multiple countries over the course of a year, exploring crowded compositions of natural forms. I am looking to create a presence, a wildness that disturbs the balance of nature. These images are designed to provoke a feeling of immersion in the viewer, taking them away from the gallery space and into the apparent chaos of the scene.”


Year: 2016

Edition: 1/7 

Image Size: 65 x 50.8 cm (With frame: 79 x 64.8 cm)

Paper: Hahnemühle Photo Rag

Frame: Solid black oak frame with white passe-partout