Sakten: Grandmother and Grandchild  |  Cat Vinton
Future of Women £230.00

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2010, Bhutan

In the words of Cat Vinton:

I think being a woman has been ‘my gold’ particularly on my Nomadic Souls project – I am accepted into a family on a level I don’t think a guy alone would. I think being a strong, independent woman gives you a tenacity and sensitivity that somehow offers you a key to moments of human endeavour not often shown. We need to treasure these moments and let them be the inspiration for pushing us out there as female adventurers. We have something different – it opens us to experiencing different perspectives..

There has been a pattern on my Nomadic Souls project – the nomads seem confused at the beginning – why am I alone? where are my husband and children? – but a few days in, I’ve begun to earn their trust and they seem to accept me and treat me as one of them. This intimacy has led to some rare and incredible encounters and lifelong friendships. When I arrive somewhere new the first thing I do is make a friend with a girl I’m drawn to, rather than finding a guide or translator. My entire nomad project has evolved through empathy and trust - the connections and friendships I make, and whether or not it 'feels' right. 


Cat's work depicting the lives of the nomadic Sami reindeer herders can be seen here, on Subject Matter.