Lockdown Commission: Photographer Yuki Shima
Yuki Shima £150.00

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The Lockdown Commissions is a series of artist commissions, where clients pay £150 to have a work created exclusively for them by one of our artists. We want to offer you an imaginative and thoughtful way to buy art; something that will enliven that wall you keep staring at, and will make you smile or remember this strange time in years to come.

Here is a small selection of Yuki's recent works to give you an idea of his style, however what you receive will be a complete surprise. 

Artworks will be either a small photographic print, collage, drawing or painting.

About Yuki Shima:

The movement and flow in Yuki's work comes from a rejection of the still images he learnt to create as a student in Japan (where painting and drawing are still regarded as the highest form of art). Now living in London, and inspired by the drama of filmmaking, he mixes several contemporary art forms such as graffiti, photography, and performance art. Read Yuki's full bio and see more of his work here.