Lockdown Commission: Textile Artist Nadia Nizamudin
Nadia Nizamudin £180.00

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The Lockdown Commissions is a series of artist commissions, where clients pay £150 to have a work created exclusively for them by one of our artists. We want to offer you an imaginative and thoughtful way to buy art; something that will enliven that wall you keep staring at, and will make you smile or remember this strange time in years to come.

Here is a small selection of Nadia's recent works to give you an idea of her style, however what you receive will be a complete surprise. 

Artworks will be either a small photographic print, collage, drawing or painting.

Nadia frames her work in Malaysia, and we would recommend choosing the "framed' option here. On the left you will see two images so you can have a good idea of what the frame would look like! 

About Nadia Nizamudin:

Nadia Binti Nizamudin (b. 1984, Kuala Lumpur) is a visual artist, working primarily on textile painting and mixed media collage. She lives and works in Kuala Lumpur. Her artwork focuses on found, reclaimed or recycled materials and is always represented by bold and bright colors. Both her collage and textile painting carry narratives around loss, relationships and hope. Read full bio here.