Hut on the tundra
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Background to this body of work: 

Cat Vinton is an artist documenting the world's last remaining nomads. At the core of her practice is a desire to contrast the lives of these nomads - who live so lightly on the land - with the precariousness of their existence. Climate change is destroying their habitats, forcing many to adapt or jettison centuries-old traditions just to survive.

In 2005, she lived with Sami reindeer herders in their indigenous heartland of the Arctic Circle. Sámpi is a vast land that encompasses parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Kola Peninsula of Russia.

Cat travelled to Inner Finnmark, on the border of Norway and Finland. This is 'big sky country' - one of the last great, undisturbed wilderness areas in Northern Europe - a land of reindeers and their herdsmen. The Sami of Norway roam the Finnmark plateau, living a semi-nomadic subsistence around the 'lávvu', moving their herds of reindeers across the region with the seasons.

The Sami have an ability to listen to the voice of nature and adapt to its demands. Their culture has been shaped by the landscape of the Arctic Ocean, the fjords and the tundra.

'The judges were drawn to her clean, crisp imagery. The first portfolio, shot in beautiful in its simplicity’ Chris Coe (founder of TPOTY, Travel Photographer Of The Year).

It is the artist's request that this piece only be sold in a white hardwood frame.