Graff 8
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This is one of a few rare late evening shots taken during the filming of a documentary about me and my work. It must have been before midnight. It was winter and the air was crisp. Clouds reflected street lights and I heard cars driving past behind me. Day and night doesn’t seem to matter in a city like London. There are always people working 24 hours and it’s never quite a ghost town as it is in other places I have lived.

I definitely feel safer with lights.

I don’t know what is hiding in the shadows. I sometimes see foxes but it’s not them. Street lights brighten up a city but also chase away a lot of things into dark corners. I see the city’s energy glowing so bright but it’s very empty. I see exhaustion and loneliness. This cobbled street was very quiet and the lights were so bright - like daytime. I don’t like walking there at night though. It is too bright and I feel like I am exposed and can’t hide.

- Yuki Shima


Read an interview with Yuki Shima here.


2006 | Printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper | Signed by artist

Edition Size : 15 (35cm x 48cm)

We recommend a black hardwood frame.

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