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Dario Srbic | Pencil


Edition: 15 + 2 AP

Size: 30cm x 42cm 

Print Only (Please contact us if you would like to add a frame - 

Artist Statement

In my practice, I explore how technology (notably artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art digital fabrication techniques of 3D objects) influence and change our relationship to ourselves and the world. What does it mean to call something real that came out of a 3D printer and can be used like any other object? Especially when that object was even not designed by a human but some form of artificial knowledge, that simulating our creative process fabricates structures, we come to appreciate as if developed by a human. 
For the theme of “Align” I was sourcing mundane, everyday objects from online 3D databases, printing them and then shooting on a drawing paper as a seamless background. One of the printed pencils was broken at the party in my studio before I could shoot two of them as identical objects. The new arrangement of the pencils in the image has yielded another dimension to the work, revealing the alignment through misalignment.
Dario Srbic, born 1974 in the former Yugoslavia, lives and works in London and Berlin. Dario holds an MA in Photography from Central Saint Martins and is currently studying for a PhD at the Royal College of Art. His work is situated across the fields of artificial intelligence, philosophy, and digital sculpture. His practice examines the embodiment of desire and ethics into artificial intelligence and expresses it in algorithmically generated sculptures and performances. Dario’s work has been exhibited in Austrian Cultural Forum - Berlin in 2019, Assembly Point and Asylum - London in 2018, MAK Museum - Vienna in 2017, and Seen Fifteen - London in 2016 amongst others. Dario’s work has been published in numerous publications, and his video work is held in the Ursula Blickle Videoarchive.

"Thank you for putting together your vision, bringing such fantastic
people together and for now adding to my home with such a fantastic
piece, for which I am very grateful!"

Sophie | Munich

"Before Subject Matter I would never have thought about being an
art-buyer. It felt like a world I didn't understand and didn't belong
in. You have opened my eyes!"

Cheryl | London

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Olivier | Shanghai

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