Time is Gold
Olivier Leroy £1,406.00

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Limited edition Signed by artistArchival inks and paper


Edition Size : 5 (100cm x 140cm)

Edition Size : 7 (70cm x 98cm) 


"Truth is essential to this series of photography, and to me.

For these photographs, it would have been easy to manipulate the image to get the proper composition, light or even remove some disturbing elements.  

Except the development in black and white, this is the original photograph.

This is true photography, nothing more."


On Time is Gold:

"There is a 'golden hour' known to photographers: because of the position of the sun, shadows become sharp, contours are illuminated, and it is almost as if the very light itself brings a feeling of sacred enlightenment to the subject. 

This image was taken on the border of a school baseball field during this 'golden hour'. In Japan, baseball is a popular sport and it is easy to imagine that my subject played it as a child.

I remember how long this old man sat still, staring past the empty field. Lost in his own thoughts, so still as if he were posing for me. Even his mannerism and dress code had a childish quality, as if he wished he could stop time."


- Olivier Leroy 

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