Lockdown Commission: Photographer Teresa Freitas
Teresa Freitas £150.00

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The Lockdown Commissions is a series of artist commissions, where clients pay £150 to have a work created exclusively for them by one of our artists. We want to offer you an imaginative and thoughtful way to buy art; something that will enliven that wall you keep staring at, and will make you smile or remember this strange time in years to come. 

Here is a small selection of Teresa's recent works to give you an idea of her style, however what you receive will be a complete surprise. 

About Teresa Freitas:

I like to play with familiar motifs - and then subvert them into something less tangible and more cinematic. My artistry lies in my composition, yes, but primarily in the conceptual and aesthetic way in which I use colour. You will see both bold and pastel hues in the same image - a visual paradox that our minds aren’t used to and a play on colour that is very interesting to me as an artist. Beyond that paradox is a sense of calm and happiness that continually permeates my work. Read Teresa's full bio and see more of her work here.