Becoming Me (Self Portrait with pink blanket) I Isobel Smith

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School of Fine Art, Performance/Sculpture

Isobel Smith’s practice explores the sliding flux between the familiar and 'other'. In choosing to show the process - and the results - of becoming ‘other’ in her performances, Isobel disrupts the binary notions of familiar and strange, and disallow the comfortable distance that is usually created by ‘otherness’ or difference.

Isobel challenges herself to find ways of documenting performance art: of maintaining a commitment to the ephemeral nature of work made live and in the moment, while attempting to capture its essence in a more permanent manifestation. This ephemerality makes it difficult to own or collect but the process of capturing the essence of a performance may become artwork in its own right: existing parallel to, and in conversation with, work made live. In turn, the permanent manifestation of the work may inspire and open possibilities for further live works, in a symbiotic relationship between different media.


On Becoming Me (self portrait with pink blanket):

Becoming Me (self portrait with pink blanket) marks the beginning of a practice that sits in inspirational conversation with my live work. In 2017 I plan to explore this relationship further, casting elements from my performances in bronze.

This photographic image is a still taken from a live performance using my body, a blanket, camera, projector and computer. The action was made and projected simultaneously via a mirroring program on my laptop. Movements and actions were made in response to the image projected live, with the aim of exploring and blurring the boundaries of what is familiar and what is ‘other’. It personifies the act of becoming, becoming familiar and becoming 'other', and everything in-between.

The still was selected by myself after the performance. Becoming Me (self portrait with pink blanket) captures a moment from a performance while moving beyond performance documentation to exist as an artwork in its own right.”


Year: 2016

Edition: 2/7 

Image size: 60.8 x 45 cm

Direct print on Aluminium Dibond

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