As If The Moon | 1

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As If The Moon photography series explore the notion of Moon, not only as a celestial object of extraordinary geometrical shape, but also as a symbol being a cause of fear, curiosity, myths, legends, and superstitions since antiquity. The island’s monumental rocks create a primeval scenery, which gives the illusion of a lunar landscape. Due to its transcendental nature and the connection between its shades and the notion of the Other, the unknown, of what exists beyond our senses, the Moon and its phases have had a significant impact on the development of social, cultural and aesthetic structures throughout history. However, the rebirth of the moon and the appearance of a new one every 28 days can be considered as an ever-present change that disturbs the established order and norms and plays the role of a vital force of creative renaissance.    

- Aigli Andritsopoulou 


Limited edition Signed by artist Archival inks and paper


Edition Size : 5 (112.5cm x 150cm)