All our art pieces comes ready to hang. We use PermAllure  mounting technique for all photographic art pieces. 



Permallure explained:
This technique is also known as Diasec, Lumasec, Dibond or Aluminium mounting with plexiglass.
It is the preferred mounting technique for photographic art in museums and galleries around the world.
Artworks are expertly produced, using the latest printing technology, and on archival inks and paper. They are then mounted between a layer of acrylic and aluminium, giving unparalleled wow factor, and additional uv protection.

Hanging fixtures are also attached, meaning your new artwork is ready for showing.


Free Shipping Worldwide:
we hate hidden costs or surprises when it comes to checkout, so at subject matter prices include shipping fees. artworks ship within 2-3 weeks. (if you want the piece sooner we will charge a small fee)