Liezel Strauss | Co-founder & Director 

South African-born Liezel is Subject Matter's founder, creative director and curator. Her creative endeavours span four continents over a decade. Liezel's articles on art and design have appeared in magazines in Japan, South Africa, the USA and Germany. She is also the co-author of Get Local! Hamburg and the founder of My Japan, a crowdsourced photographic initiative to raise funds and awareness following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Liezel Strauss fell in love with photographic art while living in Germany, and over the years the passion grew into a dream of making art buying easy and accessible. In 2010 she moved to Japan and in 2011 Subject Matter was born with its first gallery in Tokyo.  

Liezel loves the number 22, tea, and her gorgeous bronze Japanese bicycle.


Kitty Dinshaw | Artist Director 

Oxford graduate Kitty was a bookseller for nearly 10 years, before joining Subject Matter. She is passionate about travel, art and photography - and loves nothing better than working in a creative environment.

A Londoner, Kitty has two kids, the eldest of which knows the Tube network almost better than she does (the other is only a baby so there is still time...). She loves checking out different world cities, just to confirm that for her, London really is the centre of the world.

Like the rest of the Subject Matter team, Kitty loves a good cup of tea, and is growing ever-more obsessed with Thunderbirds, thanks to her four-year old son. 


Andrea van den Hoek Mejias | Gallery Assistant 

Andrea is a key member of the Subject Matter team and joined us a few months ago, having graduated in Art History from the University of Adelaide. With a background in photography, and a childhood spent all over the world, Andrea is the perfect match for Subject Matter's global outlook. Her dream is to own her own art gallery one day but for now she is developing her own artistic practice, enjoying taking photographs and painting in her spare time. 


Jon Hindley | Co-founder & Director  

Jon hails from the UK and has lived and worked in continental Europe, Africa and Asia. Jon co-founded Subject Matter with Liezel, and dreams of giving up his day job to help run it full-time. Jon loves renting old sports cars, reading science magazines and, like any good Brit, going to the pub.  




Kaeli Justus | Head of Design 

Kaeli is a graphic designer based in Cape Town. She studied at the prestigious AAA School of Advertising, and then worked in top South African agencies and design studios, gathering skills and know-how from them all.

In her free-time, she can be found exploring the local landscape, doodling, reading or cooking for her friends from her own vegetable garden.

An avid admirer of all things art and design, she dreams of a future in which all of her multitude of curiosities are combined into one creative conglomerate, hopefully hailing from a different city every few months.


Tammy Ohlson De Fine | South Africa Representative 

Tammy started her interior design career in a small (but perfectly formed) studio in Johannesburg.  A desire to know more about the world of business eventually led her to the Gordon Institute of Business Science where she studied first a PDBA and then an MBA.

Tammy has lived and worked in England, Australia, Nigeria and Japan, and has settled (for now) in her hometown, Johannesburg, with her husband and baby girl.

Her favourite thing to do is ride her Tokyobike through Tokyo on a hot summer night.  Tammy loves well-considered architecture, the Jo'burg sky in the winter, and never travels without a packet of Five Roses tea bags. 


Lida Stricker | Advisor 

Lida has been involved with startups in South Africa since the early 80’s. She was born into a home of entrepreneurs and has a deep passion for business.

In South Africa she helped shape successful civil construction, property development and transport businesses. Lida also co-founded a concept store in the UK where she thrived on the creative energy. With her effortless style and business brain she is the perfect match for Subject Matter. We are delighted to have her on board as our finance and business consultant.

Lida shares Liezel and Jon's love for Japan. Although she lives in Pretoria - the capital of South Africa - her heart is in London. She loves good tea, good wine and good cheese - to an almost obsessive extent.