At the core of the Subject Matter team are two dynamic women, committed to changing the art world for the better.

Co-Founder and Director Liezel Strauss founded Subject Matter in London in 2014, after running a successful gallery in Tokyo, and Artist Director Kitty Dinshaw joined in August 2015.

Liezel and Kitty united over a love of photography and a shared dream to bring art to as many homes as possible. Subject Matter's goal is to reach more new art buyers so that more artists can make a living from their craft. The more people who buy art, the greater the number of artists able to have successful careers, and the more chance there is of future generations being inspired to become artists. And, the more that people engage with and enjoy art, the happier they will be!

South African-born Liezel is Subject Matter's Co-Founder, Creative Director and Co-Curator. Her creative endeavours span four continents over a decade. Liezel's articles on art and design have appeared in magazines in Japan, South Africa, the USA and Germany. She has spoken widely on the positive value of art, including at Sotheby's Institute of Art, Somerset House, The Royal College of Art and Soho House. In 2017, Liezel co-founded Unfold, an art festival during London's big art week - Frieze Week. In 2018 she launched Art Girl Rising, a project dedicated to address the under-representation of women artists in museums and galleries around the world.

Oxford graduate Kitty is Subject Matter’s Artist Director and Co-Curator. As Artist Director, she represents over 15 artists, and her careful guidance has led to success for many of them. Along with Liezel, Kitty is one of the co-creators of of a programme with the Royal College of Art: to educate young art students on the business side of the art-world, and to raise funds for the College’s Fine Art Bursary Fund through an annual exhibition. Kitty has also spoken to art business students at Sotheby’s Institute and Christie's Education on the roles and responsibilities of managing artists.

Liezel and Kitty are currently co-curating an exhibition at The Hospital Club in London's Covent Garden, celebrating and showing a diverse group of female artists.

Both women believe that we are stronger together, that being mothers is no barrier to success, and in all areas of life women need to lift each other up and support each other. To that end, our team is comprised of equally dynamic and passionate women - and of course, a man too, just to be fair...

Our Team:

Jon Hindley | Director & Advisor 
Jon is Subject Matter’s co-founder and trusted advisor. He has spent his career working in innovation and project management across the world for a FTSE 100 company.

Andrea van den Hoek Mejias | Client Relations Manager 
Andrea is a key member of the Subject Matter team. With a background in photography, and a childhood spent all over the world, she is the perfect match for Subject Matter's global outlook. Andrea has been so successful in her role at Subject Matter that she has just launched her own business - &ART - advising and assisting other art companies. 

Kaeli Justus | Head of Design 
Kaeli is a young graphic designer based in Cape Town. She studied at the prestigious AAA School of Advertising, and then worked in top South African agencies and design studios, gathering skills and know-how from them all. She is responsible for all our beautiful visuals.

Tammy Ohlson De Fine | South Africa Representative
Tammy started her interior design career in a small (but perfectly formed) studio in Johannesburg.  A desire to know more about the world of business eventually led her to the Gordon Institute of Business Science where she studied first a PDBA and then an MBA. She's currently based in Johannesburg and is the go-to for all South Africa projects. Tammy is also the inspiration behind The Subject Matter Prize - one of our all-time favourite projects - which awards talented young artists across Johannesburg schools.