My Life My Home is our second social project. It sprung from a desire to help refugees and to use the power of photography to tell a story. The story of home. 
By asking the question “What Does Home Mean to You?”, we invited people to submit images to our Facebook page and to tell that story. To raise their voices in support of those seeking sanctuary for themselves and their families.

What began as a desire to simply foster empathy and raise awareness soon became much greater. We found so much goodwill and momentum behind the cause that we needed to do something more tangible alongside the crowdsourcing project.

We have partnered with the Refugee Council in London to curate an exhibition (to be held in June 2016) asking top photographers to interpret the question “What Does Home Mean to You?”.

We will sell prints to raise funds, and from there will launch a photobook to continue the fundraising process, as we did with My Japan.

So far, we have confirmed many of our Subject Matter photographers and are reaching out to others.

The artists who have kindly offered to donate their work and support our cause - so far - are Daniella Zalcman, Juliet Ferguson, Oliver Schwarzwald, Alfie Goodrich, Anca Cernoschi, Caroline Fraser, Mike Kelley, Cat Vinton, Aigli Andritsopoulou and Olivier Leroy. The Daily Overview’s Benjamin Grant has also given us his stunning image of the Dadaab refugee camp, as seen from a satellite in space.

There will be more to come so please subscribe to our newsletter for up-to-date news. And if you are a professional photographer and would like to be involved, please send your image and text to Kitty Dinshaw:

(Image donated by the Anca Cernoschi)