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Empowering Artists, Inspiring New Art Buyers, Curating for Change

Subject Matter was created to make your art-buying experience easy and enjoyable. 

Art and the making of art evolves all the time - but the means of selling art hasn't changed for decades. The current gallery model can be exclusive and intimidating. Becoming an art buyer or collector can feel like applying for a club you don't actually want to join.

We are different.

Empowering Artists

We know artists need more art-buyers to sustain their practices and their careers. We know many talented artists fall by the wayside because they simply cannot afford to be artists.

We work to address inequalities in the art world by campaigning for fair pay for artists, curating all-women shows, and mentoring female artists.

Inspiring New Art Buyers

Buy art for your home, at home. Enjoy the art-buying experience and especially our lovingly curated selection of inspired emerging artists. And enjoy free shipping worldwide, on all photography. 

Curating for Change

Curating for change means selling, promoting and celebrating more women artists, non-white artists and self-taught artists. 

Through our This Girl Makes Art mentoring programme we work with female artists whose work inspires us, and who are just at the start of their career. We also run a competition for 16-18 year old girls across all Johannesburg schools, exhibiting the five winners and encouraging young women that art can be a viable career. 

Through our ongoing programme with the Royal College of Art in London, we give art students an insight into the business side of the art world, what they need to know in order to grow their practices and find success - even when that does not come easily. 

In 2018, we donated £750 to the RCA Fine Art Bursary Fund. For a small business like ours that is a huge amount of money! We do it because we believe in supporting artists. That's what gets us out of bed in the morning. The Fund finances artists who otherwise couldn't afford to study art, so it is crucial that those who can support it, do.