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COVID-19 Update

We know that buying art is not a necessity right now. We know you have far greater things to think about than an empty wall. 

But we also know that for many of you, just like for us, art is a respite. It brings joy and soothes your soul in these strange and fragile times. That's why we're here for you, even if just for a browse and a momentary release. We'll also keep showing up on Instagram and sharing our wonderful artists, because they deserve it. 

And if you want to take direct, positive action, then we have something for you:

1. Lockdown Commissions
As you can imagine, we're worried about our artists right now - both financially and creatively. So we've come up with a way to support them during the lockdown.This is a series of Lockdown Commissions, where clients can pay £150 to have a work created exclusively for them, by one of our artists. The work will be a small photographic print, collage or painting and will be made at home, of course. We will announce a couple of artists every week, see the available Lockdown Commissions here

2. One Euro Sculptures 
Oliver Schwarzwald's One Euro Sculptures was conceived as a way to help people, and it is never more needed than now. Subject Matter and the artist make no profit from these works; all proceeds are donated to a charity - the Katherine Low Settlement - helping the elderly and vulnerable in South London. We urge you to check it out. Art CAN make a difference. Choosing a beautiful artwork for your home means direct help for those who need it so desperately right now. 

What is resonating with you at the moment? Can we do more for you? Go ahead, drop us an email and chat to us, we love to hear from you.  
Liezel -
Kitty -

Miraculously, we're still able to ship art and will continue to do so for as long as it is safe and practical for those in the delivery chain. 

Sending our best wishes to you and your family,
Liezel and Kitty xx