1. Becoming an Art Collector

Let this be your New Year’s resolution - to start buying art! You don't have to be rich to be an art collector, you just need passion and a curious spirit. The more we buy art, the more artists can make a living. More young talents will want to become artists in the future and the more art will become part of our everyday life, which can only be a good thing! In this first talk in the ‘Becoming’ series we will discuss how to buy art, breaking down the barriers, typical fears, steps, to-do’s, challenges and questions to ask yourself.

Thursday 2 February, 630-8pm. Somerset House Screening Room 


2. Buy Art, Support an Artist (How to Create a Sustainable Collection)

The stereotype of the artist working solely for the love of his craft, existing on nothing but air, and living in rooms they cannot afford to heat, has perpetuated for many decades. In previous centuries rich patrons would step in and support their artists financially, but in the modern world fewer and fewer artists can make a living from their craft. We believe in supporting and enabling the next generation of artists, and encouraging a new wave of collectors to help sustain them. In order to do this, collectors need to make sustainable choices. In this talk, the second in the ‘Becoming' series, we will discuss the ethics of collecting, practicalities when collecting, joining young patron groups and supporting the career of an artist. 

Wednesday February 15th, 630-8pm. Somerset House Screening Room. 


3. The Collector of the Future

In this final talk in the 'Becoming’ series we will look at the future of art and collecting. Our panel will discuss the way the art-world is evolving, and to what extent technology will continue to shape the art-world we know. In particular, they will focus on the growing public interest in digital art and the role of artificial intelligence and virtual reality in today’s art landscape.

Monday February 27th, 630-8pm. RCA Lecture Theatre. Battersea Campus.


All proceeds from these talk will be donated to the RCA’s Fine Art Bursary Fund, to support and enable the artists of the future



Our February Art Talks series ran parallel to the exhibition "Becoming" which brought together 19 current students from the Royal College of Art's Fine Arts and Communications Schools in an exhibition curated by Subject Matter, the RCA and digital gallery Sedition.  

The exhibition took place in the RCA's Dyson Gallery from the 22nd February to the 3rd March.
Each art-piece in the exhibition is available to purchase in limited editions, some as photographic prints, others as digital artworks. All proceeds will be donated to the RCA’s Fine Art Bursary Fund, to support and enable the artists of the future.