Subject Matter is an online art platform, challenging art world elitism and inspiring new art buyers since 2011.

We're the reverse of the scary art world stereotype. We're friendly, accessible and transparent about pricing. 

We are friends, art-lovers and passionate (some say obsessed!) with creating more art buyers in the world.

We believe in representing women fairly. 60% of our artists are female, compared to an industry-wide average of just 30%. 

We have shipped art to more than 20 countries over the last 9 years.

We support artists by advising them on how to build a sustainable career; and how to break the narrative of the struggling artist. 

We educate art-buyers about why they should buy art, as well as how to buy art. 

We have a loyal client base scattered across the world, including hotels and private members's club in addition to our private collectors and new art buyers. 

We believe in a fairer art-world, and that in all areas of life women need to lift each other up and support each other.

To that end, our team is comprised of equally dynamic and passionate women - and of course, a man too, just to be fair...

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