Market Street
Yuki Shima £793.50

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Printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper I Signed by artist


Edition Size : 15 (35cm x 48cm)

We recommend a white hardwood frame.

On Market Street:

"A quiet alleyway just off a main street at 4am on Monday. The fog was bouncing the street lights like it was day time.
This is near where I used to live. There were very bright white street lights but it was so quiet at night that it was like spotlights on empty stages. It was a very spooky night, thick fog was covering a town. I started my night walking with my camera and a torch. This was my first stop. It was like coming out from a dark and slimy tunnel (my flat was in a basement next to a very dark alleyway with steps) and finally I saw a light. And it felt like I was in a bubble. I felt so isolated by this thick fog and everything looked unreal. That’s when I signed."
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