Ntsako Nkuna | Sisterhood by Default

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25cm x 25cm
Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuele Photo Rag
Open Edition

Ntsako Nkuna

Ntsako Nkuna is currently studying at the National School of the Arts, Johannesburg. She was the outstanding winner of our inaugural Subject Matter Prize for 16-18 year old schoolgirls in Johannesburg and we’re delighted to be showing her work here in London.

Ntsako’s work is inspired by the symbolism of Roman and Greek mythology; the pears as sacred object for the goddesses Juno (Hera to the Greeks), Venus (Aphrodite to the Greeks) and Pomona. The pear is delicious and wonderfully feminine: with its golden-tinged skin, its soft texture, the melting sweetness of the flesh, its penetrating fragrance and various curves. Held by the three hands, the fruit comes to represent that which we, as women, all hold within ourselves.