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This is an ongoing project by Oliver Schwarzwald. His idea is to turn the junk we find in One Euro / 99 Cent Stores into strange and beautiful sculptures, before photographing them. The artwork becomes a tool for positive action.

Making the work and putting it out there into the world is his action; ours is to buy the work. All profits from the work are donated to charity.

Oliver has created work in a special, limited edition size for Subject Matter -

30 cm x 40cm (12" x 16"). 

All works are £80. Subject Matter and the artist make no profit at all from the sale of these works.

From that £40 is printing, shipping and taxes, and £40 is a charitable donation, made by Oliver and Subject Matter. 

We had many ideas for great causes, but at the moment, we are supporting the Katherine Low Settlement, here in London. They work with the elderly and vulnerable in Battersea, just south of the river. Due to Covid-19, those who attend their community centre are deeply concerned about food shortages, as they cannot afford to stockpile, and also the loneliness and lack of protection that self-isolation may bring them. Through public donations, KLS is providing food supplies to those who need them and also ensuring that the most vulnerable in our society will not be forgotten or ignored should they fall ill. 

We hope that at the most fragile of moments, you can bring some joy to your own life with a beautiful artwork, while supporting and helping those who need it most.

In Oliver's own words:

"One Euro (or 99 Cent) trash is a great symbol for the cruxes of globalisation and the destructive idea of mass consumption. Produced under awful conditions by the poorest, One Euro / 99 Cent products are a waste of everything.

I challenged myself as a photographer to create something beautiful from the mundane. The result are a series of sculptures, presented as art. The transformation from junk to help is now your turn."