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Bound by Symmetry


Bound by Symmetry | Jenny Woods (b. 1992, Florida USA)

50cm x 76cm (20" x 30"), archival pigment print on Hahnemuele Fine Art Photo Rag paper, 2016 

Edition of 5

About the artist:

"I don't think, I feel." 

As Subject Matter curators we are constantly on the lookout for new artists - and as you can imagine, we get lots of submissions!  But it is extremely rare for an artist to email us out of nowhere, for us to click that link in the email, and then to fall in love. That has happened only once, and it happened with Jenny Woods.

Jenny is a self-taught artist. This means she never attended art school, never had a critique, never even learnt the basics of lighting and camera techniques. All the beautiful work on this page she has created herself, through her own artistic inspiration and many hours of hard work; trying, over and over again, to get the perfect shot. Her artistic practice has been born out of her own creative spirit, her need to create art and to push her own boundaries as an artist. It's hard to describe how difficult and rare that is, and how it takes a special sort of character to achieve and to make work this way. 

Throughout her childhood in rural America, her camera was her best friend.

"Year after year, no matter how much everything changes, I keep coming back to photography. I've never felt anything as amazing as I do when my eyes are wide and my finger is lingering over the shutter. I see the world as my playground. I see light in the shadows. I see untold stories bursting out of places and people. I see so much beauty in the world, which is funny coming from someone who also feels so much sadness. 

I'm here to observe. To document. To try to better understand the world around me."