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“As a photography curator, I look at hundreds of pictures everyday, from art exhibitions to portfolios and Instagram feeds. This selection was for me a very intuitive process: I just went with the images that really caught my eye. I am particularly drawn to Oliver Schwarzwald’s dreamlike aesthetics and to Jenny Woods’ sophisticated representation of femininity. They are both, in my opinion, outstanding photographic artists. Yet I do believe all the images in this group have something in common. They are all an invitation to contemplation, to slow down for a moment and enjoy the simple act of letting your eyes drift over a beautifully composed photograph. My home is for me a space of relaxation so I like to surround myself with artworks that allow for a moment of purpose-free calm.”
“I would definitely hang Oliver Schwarzwald’s Ribbon River above my sofa. I love the nostalgic feeling and the subtle optimism implicit in this photograph. I would probably go with a natural wood frame just to highlight all the beautiful, contrasting textures captured in this image.”


– Marina Trancoso, Founder of impressa


Marina Trancoso is a Berlin-based curator and editor specialising in contemporary photography. She completed her Bachelor Studies in History and received her Master’s Degree in Arts Management from Maastricht University in The Netherlands. Originally from Brazil, she gained her expertise and network while working for several art institutions and galleries in Europe and Latin America. In 2016, Marina founded impressa, an online magazine for contemporary photography featuring original works by women artists.

Focusing on the new voices in photography, impressa connects an international community of fascinating artists and creatives, and offers a platform for exchanging perspectives and experiences. Marina is a keen supporter of emerging talent and is actively engaged in promoting appreciation for new photographic art.

Liezel and Kitty were recently interviewed by Marina and you can read their interview here