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Holding Space | London Exhibition

Holding Space took place in my home in London from the 8th June - 6th July 2021. I've always wanted to get creative with my house - and finally I decided to go for it.

If you want to browse or buy the artworks in the exhibition, but couldn't get there in person, then this page is for you 😍

Holding Space came from the idea of the space we, as humans, hold as we go about our daily tasks. How our every action is filtered through a learned routine, a desire, a need, a past experience. 

This exhibition explores the space that artists hold when they make work. What drives their art-making, this very act of creating something physical from what is within themselves. 

It felt so right to bring these artists together. These are all women we have worked with and/or admired over the last year. They’ve been in online exhibitions, our Instagram feed, and created lockdown commissions for our clients. To finally have their work in the same room together feels like a reunion of close friends, and it’s pretty magical. 

Thank you for being here,

Kitty kissing_heart

And here's what the artists say!

"The show celebrates our individual expression. Collectively it feels honest, vulnerable, strong and explores much of what we are dealing with internally in the context of what is going on around us". - Kris Lamorena

"Every work is different in style, technique, look and mood. You will be fascinated. I also love that Kitty said, the root word of "curate" is "to care" (something she learned from Stay Home Gallery's curators course) and I have to say that all the work in this show is loved and cared for". - Nadia Nizamudin

"Holding Space' resonates so much for me, as an artist, as a therapist and as a woman. I hold space for my clients in my therapy space and bear witness to their lives. My art practice enables me to switch off my analytical brain for the time I am making, and as such, my therapy work and art practice go hand in hand. Neither would be the same without the other. I hold space for my clients and my art holds space for me." -Laura Segan

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