Spectrographies 6
Alice Marinelli £825.00

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Limited edition Signed by artistArchival inks and paper

Spectrographies 6 : Rome, 2016, year of the Extraordinary Jubilee. Catholic or not, the atmosphere at St. Peter’s Basilica is extraordinary too. The majestic columns of St. Peter’s Piazza indicate the path towards the holy doors, exceptionally open to everybody once every 100 years. But people seem absorbed by their busy life, passing by in a rush. There is confusion, bewilderment. One of the most famous places in the world seems to lose its shape and sharpness, to twirl and fade through the hurried glance of a subject who won’t be there anymore in a blink of an eye. 

Edition Size: 25 (30cm x 45cm)

We recommend a black hardwood frame.