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Am I Doomed? | Kris Lamorena


56cm x 76cm

Giclée Printing on Hahnemuele Fine Art paper, made from digital scan of original painting

Limited Edition of 10

Artwork to be shipped from Germany.

Artist Statement:

In 50 years time, I am almost certain that I will still be exploring what it is that makes us human. I imagine that artificial intelligence will be commonplace in our daily life, perhaps replacing the company of real people. The real connection in real life with real people will be a new luxury. It is starting to become that way already.  

In recent times, as we have become more attached to digital technology we also witness a countermovement towards the old ways of doing things by hand. The resurgence of artisan techniques being taken up by us, the way that the natural world is more vital than ever and the way more people have naturally defaulted to creating art using traditional methods for fun and mental health; is telling me that this form of art will endure.

The same way I often look to the past for inspiration, the future will be looking at what we are doing now for theirs. For that, I hope to still be using the traditional pencil and paper, ink and brush and acrylic or oil paint on canvas.  

The artworks I submitted are done in simple compositions and minimal colours.

These are some of my favourites because I did them without thinking too much. Done in quick, gestural marks, they expressed my thoughts at the time.  They were done in late 2018 during and after a trip to Istanbul and other parts of Turkey.  I observed internally the questions we can no longer evade about ourselves that seem to only surface when we are alone, sometimes away from home traveling to new places.  Like ‘what is home? Where is my place in this world? What does my future hold?’

Going to ancient places on the silk road taught me that our core humanity and vulnerabilities don’t vary much throughout the ages.  I think the drawings express sentiments that most people can relate to regardless of divisions (which we should be done away in the future); like race, gender, culture and society.

I hope that in my old age, my way of expressing the figurative form will have become more bold and confident. To continue creating work that says more with the slightest of gestures. And to find that sweet balance of just enough abstraction to capture our imagination and give us a glimpse of ‘the old times'.

Kris Lamorena, b. 1977, lives and works in London, UK 

"Thank you for putting together your vision, bringing such fantastic
people together and for now adding to my home with such a fantastic
piece, for which I am very grateful!"

Sophie | Munich

"Before Subject Matter I would never have thought about being an
art-buyer. It felt like a world I didn't understand and didn't belong
in. You have opened my eyes!"

Cheryl | London

"I was amazed by the buying experience. I was contacted right after I confirmed the purchase and was taken care of all the way to the delivery, and even after. Never had such a friendly and professional service when buying a piece of art."

Olivier | Shanghai

About the Subject Matter Commissions:

"A brilliant way of supporting and connecting with new artists you may never have come across previously"

Kate Bryan | Soho House Curator