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Why Buying Art Will Bring You Joy

Why Buying Art Will Bring You Joy

We understand that buying art doesn't always feel like a necessity. Is it the right moment to buy art, when you could pay for a holiday, or something more practical, like furniture?

We believe that there is always a good moment to buy art. Art is one of the most important things you can buy for your home. It will make you happy, challenge you and uplift you in the way even the most beautiful sofa never can!

Here are just a few reasons why buying art will bring you joy:

The art you buy will become a friend who travels with you throughout life. You will pass it on to your children and grandchildren.

It will speak of the person you were at that particular moment in your life when you chose it. You’ll remember the gallery you bought it from, the person you were with at the time, and you will certainly remember how you felt the moment you first looked at it. 

It will make you smile everyday, and brighten your home. Depending on the piece, it may also challenge you, intellectually and aesthetically. You'll also find yourself discovering new details constantly. 

Brief Encounters on the Milky Way. A spaceman stands at the window of a gallery, looking out at the street while a woman outside stares.

There’s another, more practical reason, why you should buy art. Every single piece of original art you buy will help the artist who created it to buy materials, or pay their rent or studio bills. 

The pervasive and uncomfortable narrative of the struggling artist serves no-one. Artists are struggling precisely because we do not buy art. 

There are many barriers, we'll try to break down a few of them in the next post. 

Enjoy the process of looking at art, whether it's in physical spaces, online galleries like us, or on Instagram. Even something as simple as discovering a new artist you love will brighten your day! 

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